Gregory Sams
Gregory Sams
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The life and times of Gregory Sams
Gregory's published accounts of historical and hysterical events and ideas
He saved a lot of cows, before turning to words
Worlds only shop dedicated to chaos theory
Pictures from the author's travels in fractal galixies and computer graphics

Ordering the Book

There's nothing like a good book... take it with you anywhere... quote from it... send it to friends as a gift that changes. Artwork, photos and quotes all included. Even though it's all here online, you can go blind from too much on-screen reading, and the author might starve.

And it's not easy to highlight and underline things, or stick other people's faces into your monitor to show them bits of the book, which you will almost certainly want to do.

So order yourself a copy from any good bookshop, or get your local library to stock it - it usually takes under a week to arrive with UK booksellers (overseas takes several weeks).

ISBN 0-9531-3010-x

Order Online from

Central Books - Tel: (44) 0208 986 4854 Fax 0208 533 5821
99 Wallis Road, London E9 5LN, England

OR BUY FIVE AT A TIME, signed by the author:
Postage paid: £ 30 in UK
£ 32, 45 Euro or $50 rest of world (surface post)
Cheque or money order to:
chaOs worKs, 2 Trevelyan Gardens
London NW10 3JY, England
- sorry, no credit cards -
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