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Big Butterflies

A few names stand out of the seamless passage of chaos; people who triggered important changes in my life - sometimes through simple contributions.

Special thanks to the late Dr. Nakadadi who set my mother and father on the wholefood path in the late 1940's, and to them for keeping to it. Also to my brother Craig who, in 1966, brought back news of Georges Ohsawa whose books on Macrobiotics had been burnt by the FBI - because he suggested that the "all-American" red meat & white starch diet was a tad dangerous.

For the introduction to A.J. Galambos' unique courses I must thank Kim Bockus, Evan R. Soul" and John Fountain who between them provided the stimulus and material.

During the VegeBurger days some great leaps forward were made through a lunch with Annette Middleton, a pint or two with Lindsay Vincent, and much time in the company of the always amazing Mister Switzer.

My immersion into chaos theory was prompted by artist Howie Cooke, and developed through my interactions with Peter Cox, Ernie, Filiz, Grant, and Jesse Jones who wrote the excellent fractal software called Mandella (also Mandelbrowser).

Thanks too in the inspirations department to Susannah, Martin, Phoenix, George, Des and their tribes; to Jeff, Hoppy, Sue Hall, Raja Ram and Bonnie for their part in many personal transformations; to my ex-wife Sandy for many things (including this book's title); to Sterling for his thorough rough draft review; to James for his relentless proof-reading, to SchNEWS for the disclaimer style, and to all of the friends and associates who have supported and encouraged my activities.
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Big Butterflies
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