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In my own near half century on this planet I have always sought the new and the unusual, often being exposed to and embracing ideas years, even decades before they began to assume a popular impact on the culture. This has not stopped me, ever, from appreciating the old and traditional - though not for the sake of its being old or traditional. I have, during this time, studied how new ideas emerge and penetrate the culture, often helping with the process.

Though life itself is the ultimate teacher, the main signposts have been indicated to me by Lao Tzu, Charles Fort, Georges Ohsawa, Professor Galambos and the findings of the early workers in chaos theory such as Benoit Mandelbrot and Edward Lorenz. These great men's ideas have been assimilated with those of my forward-thinking parents and countless other teachers, pioneers and friends, then tested against my observations of life and our society on the planet.

Charles Fort made me realise that many events in the world are unexplained by any known science or thought system, and that serendipity and coincidence are not nearly as random as I would have thought. He was my first exposure to the notion of the "Butterfly Effect," though I hardly absorbed it from his obtuse example which ran something like "not a bottle of ketchup can fall from a tenement window in New York that will not affect the price of rice in China."

Georges Ohsawa taught me about self-responsibility and the importance of food in our lives. He taught me that food was anything consumed through the mouth, eyes, ears or other senses. My focus for many years was the food we put in our mouths, greatly enhanced by the natural food upbringing my parents, Kenneth (>) and Margaret, gave me. This led to me bringing the first brown rice into the country in 1967 and eventually launching the original "all natural-all vegetable" VegeBurger in 1982, with many other "firsts" in between. My understanding of self-responsibility at an early age was also immensely helpful in dealing with life from a wheelchair, after breaking my back in 1966 at the age of 18.

Professor Galambos' lessons made me realise that we will not, as a society, be able to eat our way out of the problems that face us. He alerted me to the basic failings of coercion as a tool of state and taught me about the profitability of morality and the morality of profitability. His definition of PROFIT is "any increase in happiness obtained through moral action." I discovered that right wing and left wing are but different tilts of the same bird. Galambos in particular, figured out coercion-free mechanisms that could successfully be run by us as a society, in order to manage the areas that the state has monopolised for many years. I found out about the Wright Brothers and how insurance works. He also made me realise how much I had to gain by fully appreciating the value to me of the ideas of men who explored new thought, men such as Lao Tzu, Archimedes, Bruno, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Thomas Paine and Nicola Tesla.
Though almost unheard of today, Andrew J. Galambos belongs in this select group.

Discovering chaos theory in 1990 brought together all the currents of my life to date - and introduced me to one of the greatest principles of this universe. It made immediate sense of all life's wonderful synergy when I recognised that it was the nature of the universe to create harmony and beauty. I rapidly perceived the significance of the discoveries of chaos theory to our society and saw how we thwart the constructive energies of chaos (as in the Greek XAOS) by seeking to forcibly govern it. I wanted to make sure that these discoveries would not remain in the province of the hard sciences and would be recognised as operating in our society as well as the rest of the universe. I opened Strange Attractions, the world's first shop dedicated to chaos theory, passing it to other hands (Thornton Streeter) after two years. Since then I have pursued the path of a successful fractographer and artist responsible for hundreds of thousands of fractally decorated posters and other products, and for literally tens of millions of imprints in magazines and publications around the world.

It is my hope that an understanding of this new science called chaos theory will by now have reached sufficiently into the popular culture for this book to fall on receptive ears. We have lost much progress following in the failed footsteps of the past. If we are to survive and prosper into the future it will only be when we take responsibility for that future ourselves.
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