Gregory Sams
Gregory Sams
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The life and times of Gregory Sams
Gregory's published accounts of historical and hysterical events and ideas
He saved a lot of cows, before turning to words
Worlds only shop dedicated to chaos theory
Pictures from the author's travels in fractal galixies and computer graphics

Other published pieces by the author

Roots of Seattle
Birmingham RTS Party 1998 - The first global summit meeting to be disrupted by direct action protesters.

True Myths?
Now that we possess the technology of the Greek gods, can we still dismiss them as myth?

My Brush with the Fuzz at Dead Woman's Bottom
Sideways observations upon the arrest of the author at an old pagan execution site 26feb1998

Burning Man Festival
An account of this spectacular annual event held in the Nevada desert (1998)

Night Life in Newbury
The account of a surreal night spent at the Gotan Camp site, protesting the building of the Newbury Bypass - winter 1995.

It's Not Just Fun
A deeper exploration into the value of partying and dance.

Solipse 2001 Party
4500 trance-heads meet to dance in Zambia celebrating the 2001 total eclipse of the sun.

It's Not Just War
Some observations on the futility of war and the deeper purpose of the one in Yugoslavia, 1999.

Ho Ho High
The psychedelic underpinning of the Santa Claus legend and a special tip for the new millenium.

Stonehenge - Free at last
The historic summer solstice celebrations of 2000 - the first at Stonehenge in 14 years.

The Trial of Free Rob Cannabis
facing charges arising from his attempt to deliver a living cannabis plant to home secretary Jack Straw. Feb 1998

The Box is Open
A sampler from Gregory's forthcoming book... working title Perhaps

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