Transcript of close of Police Interview Tape

Gregory Sams
Llandridnod Wells - 28 may 1999

PC Colin Hadwick - ok, I've got no further questions to ask you at all Gregory. Now's your opportunity to ask me any questions or to clarify anything you don't understand in relation to this interview.

Do you wish to say anything?

Greg - Well, yes - I'd like to say that I use these drugs, I don't abuse them. They're part of my work, they're part of my life and through using them - I'm fifty years old and healthier than most contemporaries - certainly healthier than anybody my age who's been in a wheelchair for 32 years. A large part of this comes from the actual understanding and the happiness and the joy that I get from using, not abusing drugs. And that's a very big factor in keeping me healthy. It's also part of my work because I am a writer and I write about new things. I introduce new ideas and concepts to people. I've done that most of my life and they're valuable tools in that.

And I very studiously avoid harmful, dangerous drugs. The only dangerous drug I use, and I regret using it - is tobacco. I don't drink. I don't take cocaine. I don't take heroin. I shun those drugs and I try to talk people out of taking them in my role as a teacher. I strongly disapprove of drug abuse of all forms.

PC Colin - Just to clarify a point - you are in a wheelchair, as I can clearly see. For the purposes of the tape, can you just tell me what disability you have please.

Greg - I'm paralysed from the chest down - total paralysis

PC Colin - alright, ok - because you mentioned there that you use it for your legs and things.

Greg - Well... the ketamine helps settle my legs - which sometimes go berserk.

PC Colin - ok here's the form TL4 which you can fill in if you want a copy of the tape. The time by my watch is 11:45 PM.