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Progress of the Next Book

For a few years after the publication of Uncommon Sense in 1997, I spent a lot of time at a lot of festivals, parties, demonstrations and wherever I was, selling my book both in the UK and around the world. It was a lot of fun, and from Saturday morning I'd be up through to Sunday night at least nine out of ten weekends. I've probably personally handed out over ten thousand flyers, and sold some 3300 books to date (2006).

As we approached the end of the last millennia, I kept offering flyers to people whom I'd already given one. It was getting time to start on something new, but what to do? I started work on some new ideas in late Nov 1999. At the time I was strangely stranded in a Bombay airport transit hotel with rooms smelling of mildewed carpets and mothballs. A lot of my time was spent by the usually empty poolside, scribbling my thoughts in different pages of an old-fashioned notebook.

One of the themes I explored had to do with evolution. I realized that all the fossil records and Darwinistic theory only prove that evolution could have been just a series of random accidents. This didn't lead me to suppose that there was one intelligent designer, but that there might be some intelligence, in the consciousness of a species or in another vessel, which gives a direction to evolution as needs arise.

I thought I might squeeze a whole book out of the intelligent evolution thing, but as the scribbling continued it started getting into serious topic drift. The evolutionary chain of ideas then led to a jaw-dropping awareness of the importance of a concept, which I sort of already knew. I became focused upon a very new, though very ancient, idea about something of great importance to us, and every living thing on this planet. This new understanding seems to tie in with, and make sense of all sorts of bigger pictures, and much smaller ones. I studied and wrote about some of these other pictures too and when you read the entire content there will be a very big picture falling into place.

After a concerted effort in Sri Lanka for the 2006 New Year I was finally able to complete these six years of work and the book will now be published in May 2009 by Red Wheel/Weiser Press in the USA and UK.

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