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We readily accept many of the invisible features of this existence as a very real part of our lives - things such as gravity, electricity, radio, air pressure, happiness and the wind. There is another invisible feature of this existence, however, that remains shrouded in mystery, misunderstanding and often outright disbelief - though it is the one that enables us to experience all the rest. In this book I suggest that the invisible world of spirit, a world which science denies and religion mystifies, is perhaps more real and tangible than we ever have imagined.

We ourselves manifest life because of the spirit attached to our physical bodies. For humans, the belief that we share our world with other manifestations of spirit stretches beyond the roots of history to a time before we had learned how to make knives or bread, let alone H-bombs and Pop-Tarts. In the thirty to fifty thousand years that we have been developing human culture beyond the stone axe, it is only in the past one or two thousand years that our primal understanding of spirit (or mass delusion according to science) has been either extinguished or directed into the channels of organized religion.

In its own heartland and stronghold of Western Europe, Christianity, once the sole supplier of spirituality, appears to be in near terminal decline itself. But it continues to exert a deep imprint upon our culture and mindset, even upon those who profess no allegiance to it. During its growth and heyday, Christianity busily killed off and supplanted its primal competitors wherever possible, both on the home ground and in the territories its followers "discovered".

Today we have few means to really feel or understand the common mindset which prevailed from before the beginnings of history until relatively recently - the mindset which saw our world as an interconnected phenomenon, recognizing the shared spirit in everything. It was perfectly respectable that scientists from Aristotle through to Isaac Newton would study fields now shunned as occult practice.

All of the early astronomers were also astrologers, attributing spirit and personality to the planets. The alchemist in Newton recognized the spirit in matter, devoting more attention and writing to the subject than he did to his world-changing Principia Mathematica. Perhaps Newton's unique ability to understand the mechanics of the physical world might have arisen from the greater time he spent in studying its spirit.

A common feature of most of the world's spiritual cultures has been the belief in an all-pervading energy or consciousness-field described variously as Chi, Prana or Holy Spirit. The consequences of such a concept are far-reaching - more so in the light of our ever-increasing understanding of the intricacy of nature and the nature of the subatomic world. In these pages we will explore some of those far reaches, steered by a common sense that seeks only to make more sense out of that which we already know. The concept of all-pervasive spirit, explored without dogma, might shed light upon some of the most impenetrable of science. It could even provide a more rational approach to creation than do either the proponents of ID with an implied Biblical Creator, or the scientific establishment that faithfully believes in a rather unbelievable chain-of-coincidence.

We can easily understand why science does not wish to accept the existence of spirit, of any consciousness existing outside our experience of it in a human body. Such acceptance opens the door to a veritable Pandora's box full of quackery and hocus-pocus, things that science has "religiously" sought to exclude from its arena. But I am afraid that it is too late. The box is open. Scientists have already discovered spirit and the evidence shouts at them from their own research.

Though some quantum physicists think openly of spirit and universal consciousness, most scientists retain a strong bias against even considering the subject, let alone studying it - a habit that may originate from times when more than your fingers could get burnt for straying into areas controlled by a powerful church. Ironically, though science is now one of the strongest critics of Christianity, its own establishment still maintains the spirit-censorship imposed upon it by an out-dated Christian establishment.

Where it is a duty to worship the sun it is pretty sure to
be a crime to examine the laws of heat.

Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

Perhaps a controlling church feared the consequences of letting the mystery of spirit be examined by an enquiring science, threatening the monopoly that gave power to the priests. As a consequence, science ceased study of this area, and continues to deride those who seek to take it seriously. A brave handful of modern scientists, some eminent in their fields, have positively studied aspects of spirit, often prompted by accidental discovery. They have tended to lose their careers, their professional reputations and their fundin - because they shed light on areas declared unscientific by the church, not by the scientific method. This unreasonable attitude discourages the study of subjects once taken seriously by laymen and scholars throughout the world.

The nature of spirit is a big subject and it is a terrible shame that it has for so long been the exclusive preserve of organized religions with all their hocus pocus. After all, the invisible world of spirit has probably had as much impact upon our culture as has our interest in food or sex. There would be little need for a book like this if such an artificial barrier had not been erected between science and spirit. I hope to at least make a small chip in that barrier.

In this book you will never be asked to believe something because I had a vision, or because some divine spirit channelled it, or because somebody else said so - whatever their qualifications or titles. Believe anything only if it makes sense to you - and continues to do so in every situation of your life and from every angle you look at it. Do not take anything on board as an article of faith - or believe it just because it mixes in the company of wisdom, or is delivered with great enthusiasm.

Let us not confuse the concept of having trust in the Universe with having blind faith in religious or scientific explanations of it. Keep an open mind as you travel these pages, but receive and reject whatever you like from its pages. I reserve the right to change my own mind about anything herein as time goes by.


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